Are you ready?
Few joys can match the pride of owning a home, but the responsibility can also come with sacrifices – from the financial commitment to the required care and maintenance. You’ll want to be sure both fit within your current or preferred lifestyle.
Is your bank account ready?

Buying a home is likely the most significant and largest purchase of your life. Do it right with the help of a REALTOR® and avoid regretting taking on more than you should. It’s ideal to have saved up some money and manage any debt.

Is right now a good time to buy?

Markets go up, markets go down and even the most informed experts can’t accurately predict when a market will peak or bottom out. If you’re buying a home as a long-term investment (and for long-term enjoyment), you should be protected from short-term changes in the market. Instead, focus on picking a home that meets your and your family’s needs.

What Type of Home do You Want?

Single-Family Detached

As the name implies, the home is freestanding and not attached to any homes next to it.

Semi-Detached or Linked

Two distinct houses (with separate owners and lots) that are built side-by-side and share a common wall.


A building on a single lot but that is zoned for two families (each with independent access).

Town House

Also known as terrace or row housing, they’re identified as homes featuring a common style and joined in a row. They usually share common walls on both sides.


With a condo, you own 100% of your unit and a share of the common areas. Common areas include the necessary plumbing, electrical systems, hallways and elevators. They may also include amenities like a private gym or pool. On top of the mortgage and property taxes, condo owners also pay a monthly fee to operate and maintain the common areas.